Live in Rome with Walks of Italy: All About (Roman) Artichokes

It’s… artichoke season in Rome! And ’tis the season, too, for Walks of Italy co-founder, Jason Spiehler, to show off the famous carciofi romaneschi. Check out the video to explore one of Rome’s most famous produce markets, and famous foodstuffs, as a Roman would!

If this makes you want to jump on the nearest plane and fly to Rome for some good old artichokes, just make sure you keep the season in mind. Carciofi romaneschi, Roman artichokes, are only around from February to May. So if you come to Rome this summer, you may see an artichoke on a Rome restaurant’s menu. Tourists have come to expect artichokes year-round… so restaurants, of course, oblige! But since it’s not in season, that means it’s not Roman at all—in fact, it’s probably imported from France—so everything about it, from the taste to size, isn’t going to be the real thing. That’s why we so strongly encourage people not to order out-of-season foods. Here’s help for finding out what foods are in season, when!

And if this video leaves you wanting more delicious Roman foods, check out our post on the best food in Rome!

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