@WalksofItaly Launches #TakeWalks: Join Our Twitter “Movement”!

What we mean by #takewalks: something like this!

What we mean by #takewalks: something like this!

It’s no secret that, here at Walks of Italy, we prize discovering off-the-beaten-path gems. Or that we love sharing them with you, both through our tours and our social media—including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube, and especially Twitter.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch the #takewalks movement.

#Takewalks is a hashtag we’ll be applying to any tweet about experiences that go off the beaten path. Hidden gems, local secrets—whatever you want to call them, discovering them, and encouraging others to experience their own, wherever they are in the world, should be hashtagged with #takewalks. And we will, of course, be RTing and promoting the best of the #takewalks-hashtagged tweets.

What kinds of tweets are we talking about that could be hashtagged? Tweets like these:

Came across this great sight in #Rome, a bit far out but a perfect place to #takewalks! @ Parco degli Acquedotti on.fb.me/KfzfSZ 
Was wandering around Acicastello, #Sicily today when all of a sudden I ran into the Festa di San Giuseppe! youtu.be/FYxotUoUEpQ #takewalks
You should #takewalks off the beaten path as much as possible when exploring on your travels—it will make for a much richer experience! 

Easy enough? Then go #takewalks. And don’t forget to tweet all about it—and, of course, use the hashtag.

#Takewalks: It’s a movement. In more ways than one! (Think about it!).



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