Fashion House Fendi Is Restoring Rome’s Trevi Fountain

Rome's Trevi fountain... is getting a facelift!
Rome's Trevi fountain... is getting a facelift!

Rome’s Trevi fountain… is getting a facelift!

Rome’s famed Trevi Fountain is getting a little facelift… courtesy of fashion house Fendi!

After pieces of stone and plaster plummeted from the 18th-century fountain last summer, it became clear that the fountain—most famously portrayed in Fellini’s 1960 film La Dolce Vita—needed some serious help. The problem, as always? Where to get the funds. After all, the price tag for the full restoration is some €2.5 million (about $3 million).

Enter Fendi, the famed fashion house. They’ve agreed to sponsor the restorations, which are supposed to start in March—and will probably take at least a year.

The Colosseum, another famed Rome monument that’s getting a restoration

It’s hardly the first example of a corporation or individual stepping in to save Italy’s sights. Tod’s, the luxury shoe retailer, has stepped up to pay for the €25 million restoration of the Colosseum. A Japanese tycoon has agreed to fund the €1 million restoration of the Pyramid of Caius Cestius, a tomb built for a Roman magistrate in 12 B.C. And Diesel, the Italian retailer, is ponying up €5 million to restore Venice’s Rialto Bridge.

So if you’re coming to Italy in the next year or so… expect a little scaffolding. But know that, when it comes off, these monuments will be cleaner and in better shape than they have been for centuries—not to mention that they’ll be that much more likely to be around for future generations.


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