#Takewalks Youtube Video – where did we walk?


Not far from the border of Tuscany, this sunset was snapped in Paciano, Umbria.

Starting today, you don’t have to come all the way to Italy to #takewalks with us! We’ve just launched a (if we do say so ourselves) pretty incredible video that “takes walks” through some of Italy’s most fascinating, and striking, spots. Want to know where we went on our big walk around Italy? Here’s a guide!

St. Mark’s Square in Venice, with its ever-present pigeons.

The very first floor we walk on is none other than St. Mark’s Square in Venice. But by 0:06, we’re walking across a field of hay in Tuscany’s Val d’Orcia.

Then we walk right into the parts of the Colosseum that are closed to the general public! At 0:11, we take a step straight out onto the arena floor of the Colosseum, following in the footsteps where thousands of gladiators and animals entertained the Romans and, yes, met their fates. (We restrained ourselves from shouting “Are you not entertained?”, but only barely).

Make like a gladiator—walk out into the Colosseum’s arena!

(Coming to Italy and want to take this walk with us? Check out our VIP Access: Colosseum Underground, Arena & Top Tier experience!).

This incredible library Siena’s Duomo is worth a visit!

At 0:13, we’re at the top of Mt. Vesuvius, in the Vatican, and then by 0:14, we’re in the gorgeous Piccolomini Library in the Duomo of Siena—and then, briefly, back in the Val d’Orcia.

Hay Landscapes in tuscany

Bales of hay abound in Tuscany’s Val d’Orcia

At 0:16, we’re in the Sistine Chapel, gazing at Michelangelo’s famous frescoes. That gorgeous view at 0:19? That’s your first real glimpse of the Val d’Orcia, an area in Tuscany filled with rolling hills and farms so beautiful, they’re protected by UNESCO.

We’re in St. Peter’s Basilica at 0:21, gazing at the altar of St. Peter with its famous baldacchino, the 9-story-tall, bronze canopy that Bernini designed.

Sunflowers in the Val d’Orcia

Prosciutto-making pigs at a farmhouse in Tuscany

St. Peter’s Basilica

At 0:23, we’re hiking Mt. Vesuvius, and the next second, we’re walking across the gorgeous floors in the Vatican. We’re back in Tuscany in time for 0:26. We’re at a little cheese farm in the Val d’Orcia, to be precise (which you can visit, too, on our Tuscany in a Day experience).

Burano is an amazing place to #takewalks

At 0:31, we’ve buzzed over to Burano, the colorful fishermen’s island in the Venetian lagoon.

At 0:35, we’re hanging out in Lake Como, deciding whether to jump into that gorgeous water.

On the ferry from Bellagio to Varenna—in Italy you can #takeboats too!

But 0:38? Everything starts to go haywire—we’re falling down Mt. Vesuvius, trying not to collapse into the volcano’s crater! (You can experience the volcano with us—but hopefully without the tripping—on our Vesuvius Volcano: Down into the Crater excursion with a volcanologist). We’re back in Venice for 0:43, and Tuscany at 0:45. 

But at 0:49, we’re at the Duomo of Milan just in time to hear the bells chime… and then gazing at the view of the Bay of Naples from Mt. Vesuvius at 0:50. 

View into the crater of Mount Vesuvius

For the extra curious, if you’re wondering what shoes our cameraman wore that you saw throughout, they are Saucony Jazz athletic shoes. Saucony was not a sponsor, Dylan just likes them.

Hey, who said you can’t #takewalks around Italy in less than a minute? Let us know in the comments below if you’ve been to any of the places we’ve visited, what scenes you loved most, or where you wish we would’ve gone!

Sweeping views over the Bay of Naples

Milan’s Duomo







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